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"The TORQAMP™ Electric Turbo/Supercharger is the easiest, the first and only plug'n'play solution to boost your engine!"


Thanks to Kickstarter, you can become one of the first in the world with a TORQAMP. Specially for Kickstarter we made 3 different offers for the quick, fast and very fast. Next to the TORQAMP kit, we offer the Open-source Control Box and some cool merchandise.

We set ourselves a boundary before entering/ starting on Kickstarter. We didn’t want to start a Kickstarter campaign if the product was not ready, tested extensively and if the product was not ready for series production. Seen the market potential of the TORQAMP, the disrupting effect it will have on the complete automotive sector and especially on the performance and race industry, we decided NOT to enter the market sooner than when we proved ourselves to have a product that would not break down, be easy to produce and scale up and that would only amaze our customers in the most positive way. 

Therefor we tackled the best suppliers, selected the best materials and did several pre production runs to make sure we will perform 100% for the early adapters from Kickstarter.


We simply participate in kickstarter to get our product out there and to directly scale up our production in order to make our product affordable. We spent 4 years of developing the newest innovation in the automotive aftermarket and couldn’t wait to launch this campaign.


As soon as we reach our goal, we will directly start production. This could be within 2 days, but can also be after 60 days. Our suppliers are already informed and are following this campaign as closely as we are. Some suppliers need 2 weeks others possibly 6 weeks. To be safe we calculated 8 weeks for production , followed by 2 weeks of assembly, product testing and packing.  

Invest in Automotive, Shipping, Aviation & Hydrogen

  • You have a passion for classic cars or motorsports?!
  • Are interested in the shipping sector?!
  • Want to make Diesel clean again!
  • Are looking forward to a bright Hydrogen future?
  • Are interested in electrification of aviation?!

TORQAMP’s high tech disruptive innovations are about to change the world now!

Where OEM’s and politics tend to make everything more complex, we like to keep it simple!

TORQAMP offers instant boost both for your engine as your investment.

Invest in TORQAMP for both the low hanging fruit of today and the high hanging fruit of tomorrow.


TORQAMP’s technology has a proven track record and is supported and acknowledged by: