Ordering information

The TORQAMP kit costs € 2.900,- euro which is about $ 3.383,- USD. This is excluding VAT and shipment. Shipment costs obviously vary per region.


The kit consists of the:

TORQAMP Compressor,

TORQAMP Powerbox,


and cable set.


For optimal use we advice to have your car's fuel map and ignition to be optimized. Either your stock ECU can be flashed, you can install a fuel cut defender, or an open ECU. This can be done by your local tuner (or by yourself, if you know how to).


Other components needed for installation are some silicon hoses, hose clamps and perhaps some aluminium or heat resistant plastic tubes. The cost of these items differ locally but are relatively low.


The TORQAMP can be ordered via the contact form, by requesting an order form. We hope to finish our offical webshop on short notice.