The TORQAMP™is tested on an Honda Prelude, Subaru Forester STI, Lexus IS200 & Nissan 350Z

Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude (1992) is equiped with a 2 litre naturally aspirated F20A4 engine.

We exchanged the stock ECU for an Hondata ECU with which the fuell map and ingnition timing are optimized for the TORQAMP™.

The results are shown in the graphs below, indicating an increase of 23% up to 38% in engine torque and a wheel

power increase of 28% up to 44%.


The maximum torque point shifted from 200Nm at 4500rpm to 258Nm at 4000rpm.




Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester STI is equiped with a 2.5 litre turbocharged engine.

The previous owners exchanged the stock turbo for a larger TD06-20G.

Due to the larger turbo, the Subaru's horesepower increased, though the turbo threshold increased as well.

As can be seen in the graph below, the turbo threshold is fully eliminated thanks to the TORQAMP™.

To feed enough air at high rpm the Y-piece in the intake is equipped with a one-way valve.





Lexus IS200

The Lexus IS200 is equiped with a 2.0 litre naturally aspirated 6cyl engine.

The signal of the Manifold Air Pressure sensor (MAP) is limited to max 4.25V by a Fuel Cut Defender.

The ECU is self learning and therefore automatically changes injection and ignition timing.

We expect that the Lexus could give more power while driving more miles due to this self learning system.


More details can be found in the following video:




Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z is equiped with a 3.5 litre V6.

The OEM car ECU is mapped to provide sufficient fuel when boosting.


Please check this awesome car in the following video: