Improve ANY combustion engine.

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Boost any engine

A single TORQAMP can boost a 3 liter engine up to 7000 rpm. If the engine is bigger, boost range in engine rpm is lower. E.g. a 5 liter engine can be boosted up to 4000 rpm with a single TORQAMP.

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Easy install

The TORQAMP with its components can be installed directly on the intake and only requires 4 cables to be connected for basic functionality.

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Increase torque & power

The TORQAMP adds like every forced induction system more air to the engine. With the right air fuel ratio and ignition timing this offers increased torque and power.

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Eliminate turbo lag

As the TORQAMP is electrically driven, there is no turbo lag. Therefor it can also be used to eliminate turbo lag on turbo builds!

How it works.

Pump more air

The Torqamp is basically an electric motor with a traditional compressor wheel. When the electric motor rotates it instantly increases the air flow and pressure in the engine.

Air fuel ratio

Because the airflow and pressure over the engine is increased, you need to make sure the air fuel ratio is correct.

Better power band

With the instantly increased air flow and pressure and the right air fuel ratio, the engine directly has more torque and power and has a much better powerband as peak torque and peak Hp will lower in RPM.

Find your best setup

It won't depend on your vehicle model but your engine specs

Engine size
Your setup

The easiest way to check your engine size is to consult your owner's manual – it should be listed in several places, including 'Specifications' or 'Mechanical Information'. Alternatively, your car's VIN (located on the driver's side of the dashboard) contains the relevant information.

Engine Size (liters) *
Enter size between 0 a 15 (in liters)
Enter engine size between 0 and 15 liters

Highest number (in thousands)

Max Engine RPM *
Aspiration *

OEM Turbo: Please contact us for more info

Large turbo build: In general the TorqAmp is a great addition for huge torque gains in the lower engine rpms when combined with a large turbo. It is hard to predict the performance when a TorqAmp is combined with a Large Turbo. Therefore see the Dyno charts of Cars. Contact us for more info.

Belt driven Supercharger: It is hard to predict the performance gain when a TORQAMP is combined with a belt driven supercharger. Contact us for more info.

One Torqamp Kit​

The Torqamp Control Box

Two Torqamp Kits​

The Torqamp Control Box

Special needs

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Different setups to suit your needs

Torqamp Kit Lite

Perfect for race cars use​​
  • The one and only turbo powered with a 5Kw electric motor
  • Easy switch below the gas pedal for instant boost and get a nice “kick-down” feeling​
  • To be combined with your own battery setup

Torqamp Kit

Perfect for the majority of uses
  • The one and only turbo powered with a 5Kw electric motor
  • Easy switch below the gas pedal for instant boost and get a nice “kick-down” feeling​
  • 8Ah of electric power in only 7.2 Kg

Torqamp Kit Dual

used on big engines
  • 2 complete Torqamp kits
  • 10Kw of instant boost
  • Flexible motorspeed controller to control your boost
  • 16Ah of electric power in 2 compact Powerboxes