About TorqAmp


The TORQAMP ™ is a high power electric compressor that will improve the performance of every combustion engine.

The engine's intake pressure increases both at low and high RPM's with the TORQAMP. As a results the engine directly generates more torque, more power and thus has a more flexible power output.

The TORQAMP ™ is easy to install and uninstall, is lightweight and efficient. It can be used for every combustion engine regardless the fuel kind. So whether your vehicle is naturally aspirated, turbo charged or supercharged, whether it runs on gasoline, petrol or LPG, the TORQAMP ™ can improve your performance.

Tuning made simple and effective


Engine tuning is made easy with the TORQAMP ™. It is specially designed for a plug and play.


For the installation of a turbo charger, the intake and exhaust system needs to be altered. For the installation of a mechanical supercharger a drivebelt + pulley needs to be installed.


Because the TORQAMP ™ is electrically driven, the original air filter and hoses can directly be replaced with the TORQAMP ™. Additionally it is only matter of installing 2 power cables, 2 control cables and 2 switches.


The TORQAMP™ provides both low end torque and high end power.


The TORQAMP™ can boost at both low RPM's and high RPM's. It eliminates turbolag and increases the turbo boost over the complete RPM range.


As traditional turbo chargers are designed for high end power, they cope with turbo-lag at low RPM's. The performance of superchargers is always a trade-off between high or low rpm's due to the pulley ratio. In addition, superchargers are always compressing air, also when not needed. Therefore fuel consumption is always increased.
Both traditional superchargers as turbochargers derive their energy directly from the engine when boosting. This results in less power output.


The TORQAMP™ is equipped with a high power and high capacity battery which is only charged when the engine is idling or at cruising speeds. Therefore the TORQAMP ™does not derive energy from the engine while boosting, guaranteeing maximum power output.

Basically, the TORQAMP™ is easier and more quickly to install than any other compressor system. Because it is easily uninstalled, the vehicle can quickly be brought back in its original condition.


To sum up, the TORQAMP™:

- boosts every engine
- boosts both at low and high RPM's
- is easily and quickly installed & uninstalled
- increases torque (Nm)
- increases power (HP)
- makes power output flexible
- eliminates Turbo lag
- is light weight
- is compact

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