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Frequently Asqued Questions

How long does the battery last in the Power Box?

Based on the tests on our test-setup we experienced that the battery is empty after 4 minutes of boosting at maximum mass flow (which is the most energy consuming), though our temperature management system switches off the TORQAMP to prevent overheating, after reaching a certain temperature limit which can already be after 2 minutes dependent on the conditions.

How is the battery charged?

Inside the Power Box is a special 500W charging system which charges the internal battery when your are not boosting. So when you are cruising, or idling the engine, the Power Box is being charged. When you decide to boost, the charging system switches off, resulting in no load on your alternator, thus no load on your crank shaft, so more power available for acceleration.

How can I control the TORQAMP/Boost?

There are several methods to control the TORQAMP. Either one mounts the included hard switch below the gas pedal to simply switch the TORQAMP on and off. Alternatively, two wires from Throttle Position Sensor or Drive by wire pedal can be connected to the open-source Control Box in which one can set the percentage of throttle to a percentage of boost. When using an open ECU, one can also program a boost map and give an PWM signal into our open-source Control Box. Finally we also developed boost control with which one can measure the pressure in the intake manifold. In combination with turbo chargers and or superchargers the boost is now based on the pressure built up from the turbo or supercharger.

Can I use the TORQAMP on my diesel engine?

Yes, Diesels love the extra air. We currently even proved that we reduce soot with the TORQAMP.

Can I use the TORQAMP in combination with my Turbo/ Supercharger?

Yes you can! It is very interesting and lucrative to combine the TORQAMP with a different compressor. For example we can eliminate the turbo lag of the traditional turbo charger, or fill in the low revs for the belt driven superchargers.

What is the normal price for the TORQAMP kit?

Normally the price for the TORQAMP ex VAT is € 2.900,– meaning € 3.500 ,– including VAT in Europe.

Can the TORQAMP be repaired?

Yes, the TORQAMP is designed to be repairable. Though, the TORQAMP is only allowed to be repaired by us. We strongly recommend not to tinker the TORQAMP since its a high speed device which builds up a lot of kinetic energy and consumes high electric power. For repairs one needs special tooling and some components can not be re-used after disassembly.

How long before the bearings are worn out?

No, the TORQAMP is designed to be maintenance free.So no need to lubricate bearings, clean the electric motor or re-balance a compressor wheel. Its designed to last, without maintenance.

Does the TORQAMP need maintenance?

No, the TORQAMP is designed to be maintenance free.So no need to lubricate bearings, clean the electric motor or re-balance a compressor wheel. Its designed to last, without maintenance.

Do I get warranty on the TORQAMP?

Yes, the TORQAMP kit comes with a warranty period of 1 year on the parts and produced components. We don’t warrant your vehicle since that is dependent on factors such as condition of the vehicle, quality of the tune and the users behavior.

Do I need to change my alternator?

No, we designed the TORQAMP to be a plug and play device which is suitable for almost all cars. Cars in general have an alternator which is able to put out 1.5 kW. This is not enough for TORQAMP compressor motor which is 5 kW. But this is more then enough for the internal charger in the Power Box which is on 500 W.

Can I mount the TORQAMP on my ATV or motorbike?

The TORQAMP is designed for engines with a displacement of 1.6 liter up to 3 liter. Most ATV’s and motorbikes have a smaller displacement which means that the mass flow through the engine is smaller. Boosting at a small mass flow results in compressor surge. This is a phenomenon of pressure fluctuations which will result in compressor damage. Therefor we don’t advice to use the TORQAMP on smaller engines. Occasionally we do apply the TORQAMP on smaller engines, but then we make sure the TORQAMP is activated at higher motor RPM’s so that the mass flow is already big enough to prevent compressor surge. Next to that, ATV’s and motorcycles have very limited alternator power, so charging the Power Box with 500W could be a problem.

Can I mount the TORQAMP on my airplane?

Yes, when the airplane is equipped with a combustion engine, the TORQAMP would improve the performance of the motor at higher altitudes. Though, some alterations would be needed since continuous usage is likely to be requested for airplane applications.

How much fuel do I save with the TORQAMP?

The TORQAMP is initially not developed to reduce the fuel consumption. When using the TORQAMP on Petrol engines, the fuel consumption will only increase when you press your pedal to the metal. Looking at Diesel engines, we recently researched the possibilities to actually reduce fuel consumption. On larger engines such as in cargo trucks and marine engines, this is theoretically proven. We are currently researching and testing this on actual trucks and marine engines.

How long do I need to charge after boosting?

In general we say 1 second of boosting needs 10 seconds of charging. But basically you don’t need to pay attention to that. It all goes automatically. When you are boosting, the system stops charging and when you stop boosting, the system automatically starts charging. Only in extreme conditions like long track races, or rally’s one is able to drain the pack and thus needs to wait till the pack is charged. But then again, you don’t need to wait till its fully charged.

How do I remap my ECU?

When you don’t know how to do this, don’t do this. Remapping an ECU and tuning an engine is very difficult and a specialization on itself. Of course you can try it, but there are several factors such as ignition timing, air fuel ratio, valve timing which could lead to destructive results for your engine. We advice to go to your local tuner and ask them to remap your ECU. If you do want to do it yourself, follow a class or get instructions from a specialist.

Do I need a larger car battery?

No, the TORQAMP has a battery of its own in the Power Box. It also has an internal charging system which automatically charges the battery as soon as you are not boosting.